12 Companies That Will Change The World In The Next Year

Think about companies and products that have shown up on your radar within the past five years. Did you have Instagram five years ago? Would you have known what a GoPro was or what it did five years ago? What about other forms of technology like FitBit, Snapchat or Tinder? These are pretty tech-framed examples, but this is only a smattering of products that have put a mark on pop culture and the world in recent years.

Every year, more and more companies put out products and services that help shape our lives, whether it’s by producing the aforementioned technology or creating innovations in the world of industry that make our lives better, whether we know it or not. It’s possible that some of the biggest and best inventions and innovations of the millennium will come out this year – it might sound unlikely, but they have to happen sometime, right? Why not now?

It’s more likely than ever that companies will continue to make ground breaking advances in many fields this year, and these 12 companies are likely to do it bigger than anyone else.

12. Facebook

via ibtimes.co.uk

As much as newer social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter seem more en vogue if the media has anything to say about it, Facebook still wins the connectivity race with over 1.5 billion active users flocking to the social network every month.

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